In the fall of 2009, Timelines was commissioned to produce the centennial book for The Ethel Walker School in Simsbury, Connecticut. This 88-page, landscape format book captures through literate text, as well as archival and modern-day photography, the story of this unique, all-girls school. It delves into the life of Ethel Walker and how she came to found the school bearing her name on a shoestring budget and managed to keep the doors open during some extremely trying times. The book pays homage to all those who have kept Walker’s legacy alive as the school enters its second century.

Book Specifications

Title:               One Hundred Years of Walker’s Women: The Ethel Walker School 1911-2011

Trim Size:       11” x 8 1/2” landscape format

Extent:             88 pp + end sheet + case + dust jacket

Printing:          4×4 color on 157 gsm Chinese matte art, four-color and black and white photography

Binding:           case bound, Smyth sewn

Printing by:     C & C Offset Printing, CO., Ltd.

Timeline:         Project commenced November 2009. Books delivered October 2011.



“Working with George Brown on our commemorative centennial book was a truly a pleasure. Our volunteers and staff found him easy to work with, highly professional, organized, and always in charge of the timeline, which is of utmost importance in a project like this.

“George knew how to capture the essence and spirit of our school and represent it in an attractive way, both in writing and through photos. With technology consuming so much of our communication today, it is nice to know that there is still an option out there in George Brown’s work, to represent the history of our school in a classic and historic way.”

–  Elizabeth C. Speers, EWS Head of School

Sample Interior Pages