In celebration of its centennial year, North Carolina’s Greensboro Country Club commissioned writer George Brown to prepare a commemorative history, published in July 2010. The 128-page coffee table book traces the club’s event-filled past and introduces readers to the colorful characters who shaped its legacy.

Book Specifications

Title: Our First Century:  Greensboro Country Club 1909- 2009

Trim Size: 12” x 10” landscape format

Extent: 128 pp. + ends + case + tip-on

Printing: Text 4×4, four-color and black/white photography

Printed By: C&C Offset Printing Co., LTD, Hong Kong

Timeline: Project commenced March 2007. Books delivered July 2010.



“It was my distinct pleasure to work with George Brown of Timelines in the creation of our wonderful coffee table book commemorating our centennial. George was at all times professional, prompt, responsive and an absolute pleasure to work with.

“I cannot say enough about our finished product. From the cloth bound hard cover to the highest quality paper – but most of all, the quality of the content – it is a first class publication. George spent countless hours conducting taped interviews with members and non-members alike and worked tirelessly in the archives of our local newspaper, our local historical museum and The Tufts Archives in Pinehurst. He also spearheaded the effort to gather memorabilia from our members.

“Please accept this as my whole-hearted endorsement of George Brown and Timelines if you are considering a project similar to ours. You will be delighted with the end product and you will love George.”

— Thomas C. Duncan, Greensboro Country Club Centennial Chairman

Sample Interior Pages