How much does it cost to produce a commemorative coffee table book?
Because a Timelines’ commemorative history book is customized to meet each client’s needs and to complement each client’s story, no two projects cost the same. Costs vary according to page size, page count, number of photographs featured, type of cover (hardback vs. soft cover) and print run.

It’s Timelines’ responsibility to help clients make choices that fit the budget.

How long does it take to publish a commemorative history?
Creating a first-rate book takes time. It’s wise to plan on at least two and half years to complete and deliver the final product.

Conducting oral histories, sifting through the archives, producing and editing copy, developing design concepts—these steps do not benefit from short cuts or rush orders. At Timelines, we take the time to get the story right, to create designs that beg the eye to linger and that compel the reader to turn the page.

How can a book’s costs be defrayed?
Some country clubs, for instance, have charged their members a fee to underwrite the costs of centennial year events. Others seek donations from interested members, whose names then appear in the front of the book. Still other organizations give members one copy of the book but charge for additional copies. Some associations want to defray the entire cost of a book, while others simply want to recover printing and binding expenses.

How many copies of our commemorative history should we print?
Timelines recommends that clients print enough to satisfy immediate demand with 10 to 20 percent overage for future needs. A country club with 1,000 members might need 1,500 books. Keep in mind that a certain percentage of the membership will want to purchase copies for family, friends and business associates. Nearby clubs will want copies, as will local museums, newspapers and libraries. This is especially true if any of these have provided important background or archival information for the book’s content. In addition, don’t forget new members.