One-Stop Shopping

Timelines provides one-stop shopping when it comes to publishing commemorative histories providing for an efficient and worry-free process. The step-by-step approach Timelines adheres to, including conducting primary and secondary research, archival photo research, writing, editing, new photography coordination, printing, binding and shipping, assures its clients that their needs are being met in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Established in 1993, Timelines’ business relationships with printers, binders and shipping agents make for a seamless book development process. From concept creation to delivery of the final product, Timelines has the bases covered.

Strategic Benefits of a Timelines Book

* Captures stories and experiences that create your organization’s heritage and traditions.

* Tells your story in an interesting and thought-provoking manner.

* Creates appreciation for organization’s trailblazers.

* Customized books tailored to client’s needs and budget.

* Highly readable and filled with photographs.

* Book will delight readers and educate future generations.

* Makes for a valuable keepsake.

The Timelines Process In a Nutshell…

Meet with client regarding scope of project/table of contents.
Conduct primary and secondary research, including oral histories.
Copy development. Archival photography and memorabilia collection.
Design concepts created.
Final production. Files and artwork to printer. Proofing.
Books delivered.